PrGG Report 2019/20

Report of the Provincial Grand Guide to the Provincial Grand Conclave of Cheshire and North Wales

24 May 2020

Right Worthy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler,

I have much pleasure in presenting my second and final report as Provincial Grand Guide.

Because of the Corona Virus and the subsequent lockdown only 65% of meetings took place. Covid -19 is a deadly virus and I know first-hand how debilitating it is. My son Christopher who is a staff nurse on the coronavirus ward at the Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport tested positive for the disease. I nursed him for two weeks and then as he got better, I was diagnosed with the disease and he nursed me.

I would like to formally record and express my thanks and sincere appreciation to the Provincial Grand Visitors this year. I thank them all personally for their diligence and quality of their reports, which form the basis of this annual summary.

Two of the current Provincial Visitors are due to stand down after completing two years in office. Wy Bro’s Jimmy Tang and Richard Sutton have received a well-deserved promotion to Provincial Grand Guide and Counsellor respectfully.
Wy Bro’s John Owen and Derek Gaskell remain in office and will be joined by Wy Bro’s Othman Ghoshen and John Moritz. I wish them all well for the coming year.

Three team visits took place. The highlight of the year has to be the Centenary celebration of the Verney Clayton Conclave No 45 which took place on the 29 October 2019. This was the first such celebration to be held in the Province of Cheshire and North Wales and was supported by almost all of the Provincial Team.

The Grand Supreme Ruler, Most Worthy Brother Andrew Christopher Sweeney officiated and was joined by his Deputy, Right Worthy Brother Commander Charles J Aspinall and the Grand Director of Ceremonies, Very Worthy Brother Christopher Davies.

The ceremonial of the evening was enhanced by our Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler’s Arch of Steel who provided an escort not only for R. Wy Bro David Littlewood and his distinguished guests but were also invited to do so for the Grand Supreme Rulers Parade.

The Secretary of Verney Clayton Wy Bro Peter Schick received a well-deserved field promotion to Past Grand Guide and earned the addition of Very Worthy Brother.

The Verney Clayton Conclave was the only Conclave to have held all its meetings prior to the lock-down coming into force. 65% of members being in attendance.

I am pleased to report that during this trying time Conclaves are keeping in touch with their members. The Fidelity Conclave set up a WhatsApp page for members to stay in touch.

During this reporting period there have been 10 Installations and six Commissions. There have been eight Inductions and eleven Princes degree ceremonies.
The Seal of Solomon Conclave No 463 carried out four of the Princes degrees on behalf of The Dewi Sant Conclave No 457. And, The Vale of Weaver Conclave carried out one on behalf of the Fidelity Conclave No 50.

Five members have passed to the Grand Conclave above. They are Wy Bro’s, Derek Harrison, Bernard Chappel, Reginald Wilson, Mark Stutley Holding and David Summers Thomson. Provincial Membership now stands at 194 unique members.

Unfortunately, there have been fifteen resignations. However, some of these were due to sickness, two brethren had resigned from more than one Conclave and one became an honorary member.

We also had three brothers rejoin.

To date the Vale of Weaver Conclave has the highest turnout of members at 82%.

The Province has decided to hold Friendship Meetings with a view to encourage members to promote our Order. Wy Bro Haydn Davies was elected as Friendship Officer for North Wales and Bro Philip Rose for Cheshire. It was intended to hold two meetings by the end of the current year, one in each country. The first of these meetings was scheduled to take place at the Semper Fidelis Conclave No 261 on the 5th May 20. Unfortunately, due to the Corona Virus this did not take place.

Conclaves continue to promote our sister order, the Scarlet Cord, and this I think should be encouraged especially as I’ve now been appointed Assistant Provincial Grand Summus.

Right Worthy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, I am pleased to report that your Conclaves are making every effort to increase their membership. Ceremonies have maintained a high standard. The Conclaves are well run and well organised by their respective secretaries.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you Sir, for giving me the opportunity of carrying out the roll of Provincial Grand Guide and look forward to continuing to support you and the Province in the future.

That Sir completes my report.

R. Jordan TD PGStB

Prov Grand Guide