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On behalf of our Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, and the Officers of our Provincial Grand Conclave, we welcome you to our site.

We hope to bring to the attention of Craft Masons the existence of our beautiful Order, based on caring and friendship, and – yes, to encourage you to join us.

If you are not already a Freemason, we heartily recommend that you consider joining Craft Masonry and will be happy to give you more details, or if you click the link on our ‘Links’ page in the sidebar section “Interested in joining Freemasonry?”.

The only qualification for joining our Order is to be a Master Mason and, if you are a Master Mason, then please read on as we would like to pique your interest in the Order of the Secret Monitor (or OSM as it is called for short).

The “What is the OSM?” link (on our ‘Links’ page) gives a reasonably detailed account of the foundation and principles of the Order and its history, our List of Conclaves gives particulars of the OSM Conclaves in our part of the world. If you don’t live in or near Cheshire and North Wales, our links page will take you to most of the other Provincial Sites, which may be nearer to your locale. Or alternatively send us a message via our contacts page and we will be happy to assist in any way.

The OSM is administered from Mark Masons Hall in London and covers the whole of the British Isles and Districts and Provinces Overseas. The fundamental tenet of the Order is FRIENDSHIP and peculiar to the OSM is the appointment of Officers called Visiting Deacons (there are four in each Conclave), whose job it is between meetings to contact the members and make sure they are fit and well. The Deacons are required to report at each Conclave meeting on the status of each member in their care.

The OSM is an Order well worth belonging to. It makes little demand on either your time or your pocket (at least until senior ranks are reached), it brings home the Biblical lessons of love, friendship and caring for each other which are intrinsic to this wonderful Order. For those of you who enjoy the endeavour of learning ritual and the rewards that learning brings, you will find that there are 3 degrees in the Order, all quite different with quite pertinent and interesting lessons in all.

We do hope you will give consideration to joining the Order of the Secret Monitor and very much look forward to welcoming you. Click our “Contact Us” link now and take the next step in your Masonic journey.