2019-31st October

Verney Clayton Conclave N0.45 Centenary Celebration

A First for the Province

On 29th October, The Verney Clayton Conclave No. 45 celebrated its centenary. This was the first such celebration in the Province of Cheshire and North Wales and was supported by almost the whole of the Provincial Team.

The Grand Supreme Ruler, Most Worthy Brother Andrew Christopher Sweeney officiated and was joined by his Deputy, Right Worthy Brother Commander Charles J Aspinell and the Grand Director of Ceremonies, Very Worthy Brother Christopher Davies.


Left to right:
R.Wy.Bro. Charles Jonathan Aspinell, Deputy Grand Supreme Ruler, M.Wy.Bro. Andrew Christopher Sweeney, Grand Supreme Ruler, V.Wy.Bro. Henri Lyons, Supreme Ruler, R.Wy.Bro. David Littlewood, Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, Wy.Bro. William Anthony (Tony) Stringer, Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler


The ceremonial of the evening was enhanced by our Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler’s Arch of Steel, who not only provided an escort for R.Wy.Bro. David Littlewood and his distinguished colleagues, but were also invited to do so for the Grand Supreme Ruler’s parades – some real feathers to put in their caps!

Despite a slightly nerve-wracking beginning, the Grand Supreme Ruler having failed to appear by the time the meeting needed to start, all was well in the end; he arrived in time for his entrance and the evening proceeded flawlessly.

Before relinquishing the Chair the M.W. Grand Supreme Ruler asked the Grand Director of Ceremonies to present Wy.Bro. Peter Schick to him. This being done the MWGSR announced that in recognition of all the hard work Wy.Bro. Schick had put in he was promoting him to Past Grand Visitor and from now on he would be V.Wy.Bro. Peter Schick, P.G.V. The appointment was well received, with acclaim, by all those present.

Verney Clayton1

The Conclave Members with the M.Wy. Grand Supreme Ruler, the R.Wy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler and Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler

The Conclave’s thanks are due to all who supported the occasion and helped to make it a success. Apart from memories, the guests were able to take away with them a colorful booklet produced by Bro. Philip Rose that contained a history researched by Wy.Bro. John Moritz. Thanks, are also due to the managers and caterers at the Macclesfield Masonic Hall – not the conclave’s usual venue as the Altrincham Masonic Hall is currently undergoing a rebuild.

Verney Clayton Cent2

(Photographs courtesy of Wy.Bro. Ken Bardsley)