PGSR’s AGM Address 2020

PGSR Address to the Brethren , Provincial Annual meeting 2020

Colleagues and Brethren.

In these uncertain times I find myself preparing an annual meeting speech that will be heard by none. The decision to cancel the normal Provincial annual meeting has, of course, been the correct one, however it has certain down sides.
I am unable to personally thank those members of my acting team for the support and diligence they have shown over the past year and I regret our not being able to undertake ceremonial duties together, whilst my executive has needed to find alternative means of continuing those tasks demanded of them. Thank you all

The Province has important responsibilities which must still be undertaken and so we will be undertaking a virtual annual meeting under Mark Masons Hall rules, in the near future.

Some changes of personnel have taken place and I specifically thank Wy Bro. Chris Welton for his hard work as Provincial Recorder and the work done by his assistant Wy. Bro. Brian Williams. Chris has moved on to higher things as the Provincial Grand Summus of the Ancient and Masonic Order of the Scarlet Cord for the Province of Cheshire and North Wales, many congratulations, his place will be taken by Wy. Bro. Alan Harrison and I look forward to working with Alan.

Wy. Bro. Tom Lewis is stepping down as our Provincial Almoner, Tom, a Past Assistant Provincial Grand Recorder for the Order has been a mainstay of the Province since before I took the PGSR role, he has also been responsible for the organisation of the successful annual Sunday lunches, and I thank him for his support and hard work, and wish him well for the future. His place will be taken by Wy. Bro. Paul Richards, Paul and I have worked together in the past and I am very aware of his fine organisational skills and look forward to working with him.

Wy. Bro Bob Jordan, he who defeated Covid-19, steps down as the Provincial Grand Guide after two very satisfactory years in the post, he also moves on to be the Assistant Provincial Grand Summus for the Scarlet Cord in Cheshire and North Wales, congratulations Bob.

To those who are receiving appointments and promotions today, congratulations, I do hope that you will accept the responsibility accompanying these acknowledgements of your work and continue to support me, the Province and the Order during your office tenure. You will have received information about what is expected of the role with your offer letter, these role descriptions are also available on the web site.

A big Thank you to R Wy Bro Walter Yule for his fabulous work in updating and maintaining the Provincial web site ( his role is now being worthily undertaken by Bro. Barrie Billinge, thanks Barrie.
With the invaluable support of Wy. Bro. Andy Tong the Province have completed a number of informative video clips which are now available to those unenlightened souls who have not yet joined the Order, they are bookable via our web site.
We are also now visible on Facebook, though I confess to a lack of understanding of it and am just saying ‘yes’ to all but the begging contacts.
A number of short videos about the acting posts in the Province are also now available for information both on the web site and social media.

These are the strangest of times for all of us, and anything I write today can of course be overtaken by events within hours. I am very humbled by the general spirit in the Order. Since the lockdown I have been impressed by the strength of support evinced within the Order, and we quickly created a means of keeping in touch with all our members, thank you so much to all those who have supported this initiative.

We continue with our Charitable work, the latest cheques, each of £2,000, for the Vale of Clwyd MIND charity, which was delivered in April, and for the Wellspring Charity, where a date is still to be organised. This year we are collecting for the Parkinsons Charity and Hope House Children’s Hospice.

My Arch of Steel continues to provide a platform for Brethren to understand the workings of the Province, to attend team visits with the Executive of the Order and provides myself and my team with the opportunity to assess the commitment and conduct of the members for the future, and I’m delighted to welcome James Walker, David Mayall and Ian Brown to the ranks. Any Prince of the Order is eligible to join don’t be shy, if interested speak to Wy Bro Tim Mobbs or his Deputy Bro Bahram Noorami.

I am hopeful that the new Conclave in Bangor will be consecrated during the coming year and I thank Wy Bro Martin Wynne Jones and Wy Bro Malcolm Orr for their very hard work in the organisation of this project.

As always, all these issues have been supervised by my hard working Deputy Tony Stringer, and my gratitude to him is well known.

In conclusion, my thanks to you all for maintaining interest in the Order and I look forward to our meeting again in safety, meanwhile please stay strong, be faithful to your God, your Country and your Order, stay safe, look after one another and look forward to our meeting again soon, never forgetting that this is our hobby and that when we can attend, we do so to have fun and enjoy yourselves.

God bless you all