Annual Provincial Meeting 2020

Brethren, as you are aware the Annual Provincial Meeting scheduled for 17th June 2020 will not take place owing to the Coronovirus outbreak.
The Minutes of the 2019 Meeting, The Accounts for 2019-20, and The PGSR’s Charity 2019/20, are available as .pdf downloads. (Also available in the ‘Documents’ section under ‘Secretariat’, above)

Below is a list of those Brethren who would have been Invested at that meeting, and whose Appointments will be effective from 17th June.

Acting Provincial Officers 2020/21

Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler R.Wy Bro David Littlewood (Christleton)
Deputy Prov.Grand Supreme Ruler Wy Bro Tony Stringer (Norton Priory)
Prov.G. Chancellor Wy Bro Nick Wild (Semper Fidelis)
Prov.G. Councillor Wy Bro Richard Sutton (Chester)
Prov.G. Guide Wy Bro James Tang (Norton Priory)
Prov.G. Chaplain Wy Bro Malcolm Orr (Shield of David)
Prov.G. Registrar Wy Bro Geoffrey Gill (Arch of Steel)
Prov.G. Treasurer Wy Bro Glyn Hewitt (Chester)
Prov.G. Recorder Wy Bro Alan Harrison (Norton Priory)
Prov.G.D.C Wy Bro Paul Burton (Maen Achwyfan)
Prov.G.Almoner Wy Bro Paul Richards (Christleton)
Prov.Dep.G.D.C. Wy Bro Anthony Lloyd (Seal of Solomon)
1st Prov.G.Visitor Wy Bro John Owens (Chester)
2nd Prov.G.Visitor Wy Bro Derek Gaskell (Maen Achwyfan)
3rd Prov.G.Visitor Wy Bro Othman Ghosheh (Fidelity)
4th Prov.G.Visitor Wy Bro John Moritz (Verney Clayton)
Prov.Asst G.D.C. Wy Bro David Topp (Vale of Weaver)
Prov.G.Swd Br Wy Bro David Dobbs (Dewi Sant)
Prov.G.Std Br Wy Bro Colin Percival (Vale of Weaver)
Prov.G.Bow Br Wy Bro Michael Wrenn (Semper Fidelis)
Prov.Asst G.Recorder Wy Bro Brian Williams (Shield of David)
Prov.G.Organist Wy Bro Derek Whatling (Christleton)
Prov.G.Guarder Wy Bro Mark Gleave (Christleton)
Prov.G.Sentinel Wy Bro Gary Oates (Semper Fidelis)

Past Provincial Promotions 2020/21

P.Prov.G.Guide Wy Bro Gareth Wynne Davis (Maen Achwyfan)
Wy Bro Ian Munroe Davies (Semper Fidelis)
Wy Bro Glyn Hewitt (Chester)
Wy Bro Graham Hamilton Taylor (Shield of David)
P.Prov.G.Registrar Wy Bro David Marsh (Verney Clayton)
Wy Bro Andy Tong (Arch of Steel)
P.Prov.A.G.D.ofC. Wy Bro David Hibbert (Chester)
P.Prov.G.Swd Br. Wy Bro Ian Johnson (Chester)
Wy Bro Brian Davies (Chester)