Toast List



Conclave Toast List from November 2017


SR                                           The Queen.


SR                                           The Grand Supreme Ruler

                                Most Worthy Brother, Andrew Christopher Sweeney


Counsellor                             The Deputy Grand Supreme Ruler

Right Worthy Brother, Commander Charles Jonathan Aspinell.

The Assistant Grand Supreme Ruler

Right Worthy Brother, James Robert Hodge

And the rest of the Grand Officers, Present and Past.


SR                                           The Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler

Right Worthy Brother David Littlewood

                                           (response Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler).


Guide                                      The Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler

Worthy Brother William Anthony Stringer Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies,

and the rest of the Provincial Officers Present and Past.

(response Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, although not if Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler is present and responds to his Toast).


IPSR                                       The Supreme Ruler

                                          (response Supreme Ruler).


Proposer                                 The Candidate(s)

                         (response by a Candidate but only after 1st Degree Ceremony).


Guide                                      The Guests

            (response Provincial Grand Visitor, if present, if not, a response is optional).


Sentinel                                  The Sentinel’s Toast.


Note : If in Wales and the British National Anthem is sung after the 1st Toast, then the Welsh National Anthem may be sung at the close of the Festive Board.